Welcome to 2015.

As we bid goodbye to yet another lap around the sun, the fast pace of digital production keeps bringing new and exciting production tools. Reflecting on 2014 thought, it was an exciting year.

February and March brought the beginning of Emeril’s Florida – Season 3. It has been great being part of the development and evolution of this program hosted by the super talented Emeril Lagasse. Our Producers, Michael Babich and Pat Roberts, have supported the growth in production techniques and the step up to utilize 2 Sony F55’s as our primary cameras was a positive move to enhance the quality of the show.

In March, our team from the “Apollo 11 Recovery” was honored with a CERTIFICATE OF MERIT from the Explorer’s Club and we all traveled to NYC for the annual Explorer’s Club Dinner to receive the award from Buzz Aldrin. What a privilege!

In April I joined 60 Minutes’ Anderson Cooper and crew in the Pacific location of Palau for an inspiring program on the Bent Prop Program. The dedicated team led by Pat Scannon has returned year after year to this island nation in search of information leading to the recovery of America’s WWII Missing Airmen.

2014 wrapped up with the completion of Season 3 for Emeril’s Florida and the beginning of principle photography for a PBS program examining the aftermath of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster.

Looking forward to a positive and successful 2015. Thank you to all the friends that have made 2014 one for the books.